Amursk Pressure Oxidation (POX) Hub Expansion Project

World’s largest, custom-designed pressure oxidation autoclave vessel

亚博体育开户 Amur Hydrometallurgical Plant LLP (Polymetal International Inc.) | Amursk, Khabarovsk Krai, Russian Federation | 2017 (autoclave) - 2023 (first gold)

亚博体育开户240°C operating temperature and 52 bar(g) operating pressure

965 tonnes fabricated weight

5.95 m outside diameter and 50 m in length

Treatment capacity of refractory gold concentrate will double


  •  is undertaking the Amursk POX Hub Expansion to recover gold from double-refractory (high carbon) sulphide concentrate from five of their mines in Siberia, Eastern Russia, and East Kazakhstan.
  • The project will double Polymetal’s concentrate treatment capacity to 250,000-300,000 t/a of refractory gold concentrate.
  • The centralized hub processing concept is unique, with concentrate from multiple mines being shipped to a central hydrometallurgical processing plant.
  • This is a technically challenging autoclave vessel constructed of high-strength carbon steel, with an explosion-bonded, titanium-clad (EXW Ti-clad) lining.
  • The vessel is 5.75 m inside diameter and 50 m in length, with a fabricated weight of 965 tonnes. It took 32 months for material order, fabrication and testing to be completed.


  • The autoclave vessel chemically oxidizes minerals such as pyrite and arsenopyrite, to liberate and recover sub-micron, solution-phase gold contained within the sulphide matrix. In six hours, the autoclave does what takes several hundreds of thousands of years to occur naturally in the earth.
  • Polymetal engaged Hatch to provide engineering and procurement services for the POX facility, utilities, off-gas treatment, heat recovery, and slurry conditioning areas.
  • Hatch are also supplying custom-designed process equipment for the facility, including flash vessels, gas cyclone, refractory linings, pressure letdown valves, vent gas condensers, dip pipes, and oxygen spargers.
  • Our scope of work includes basic and detailed engineering, procurement, quality management, project management, scheduling and project controls.


  • With an operating temperature of 240°C and 52 bar(g) operating pressure, the autoclave vessel is the heart of a new POX facility for treatment of double-refractory (high carbon) sulphide concentrates.
  • It was custom designed for extremely aggressive process conditions, including high temperature, high acidity, and elevated levels of chlorides and fluorides.
  • The design pressure is 50% higher than other POX autoclaves currently in operation.
  • This is the largest pressure oxidation autoclave vessel built to date in terms of overall size, volume, and weight. Read about the vessel's journey from Belgium to Russia, here. 

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Project numbers

  • Max. Operating Pressure: 52 bar(g)
  • Max. Operating Temperature: 240°C
  • Dimensions: 5.75 m ID X 50 m OAL
  • Operating Volume: 1095 m3
  • Shipping Weight: 965 t

Materials of construction:

  • EN10028-2 P355GH carbon steel
  • SB-265 Ti Gr 17 EXW cladding
  • SB-265 Ti Gr 12 internals

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